Wet or Dry Food?

There are many opinions on this front that seem to change from year to year. Each has its benefits. As long as your pet does not have any underlying conditions you may choose either with confidence.

Cooking for your cat is not as easy as cooking for your dog because cats have unique dietary needs that must be met. They can get vitamin and nutrient deficiencies more easily.

I like to choose a food that has been AAFCO approved. You can use either wet or dry but some cats are very loyal to certain textures and flavors. All these will play a part in the decision about what to feed your cat.

If your cat has a medical condition, there are frequently special prescription diets that can help them to feel better that your vet may recommend. Let your vet know any other pets in the house as well as any texture preferences that your cat may have when discussing these diets.

How Much for Cat Food?

Again, this is a very important question. Cats are much trickier on this front than dogs because there is wide variance between those who will race to finish all their food at once while others are all day grazers.

Cat weight control is just as important but more challenging than in dogs. Read the back of the bag to know how much of the food you have chosen is the appropriate amount to feed your cat throughout the day.

Take into consideration all the treats and wet food that you may use and not just the dry food. You must know your cat’s weight to be able to decide how much of your chosen food to feed.

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