When it comes to litter box ideals, most people will cringe at what we have learned that cats prefer. While many cats will accept less than what behaviorists have determined to be the gold standard of litter box health there are some that will always have troubles.

So how many litter boxes should you have? What should they look like?

  • Each household should have one more litter boxes than the number of cats in the house per floor!
  • The ideal litter box has no covers or electronic scoopers
  • It is cleaned at least daily
  • Most cats prefer unscented sand if give a choice

For most cat owners, this will seem unacceptable. Luckily, many cats will accept a number of variations on this ideal. If you have ever had a cat with litter box troubles, then this may seem like a fine alternative to your couch as a favorite bathroom.

While it may seem like a lot of litter boxes in your house, veterinarians will return to discussing this ideal if your indoor cat has trouble with urination or defecation.

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