Have you ever used an electric collar to train your dogs? Have you seen cases where such a collar was used to train puppies so they can behave?

Well, it is an old-fashioned technique that should be banned, according to this scientific research.

Published Research and Position Statement

In Europe, the European College of Veterinary Clinical Ethology issued a position statement to argue against the use of electronic collars in dog training just last year. They also called for a Europe-wide ban on electronic collars’ sale and use.

Just recently, a paper published in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour by Dr. Sylvia Masson explains why electronic shock collars should be banned.

The Reasons Why Electronic Shock Collars and Fences Should Be Banned

Most of the time, when people use these types of collars, it is usually as a “positive” punishment to teach a dog about unwanted behavior.

Additionally, electronic collars are used for negative reinforcement. It is used to shock dogs until they learn which behaviors are good and which ones are bad.

The research considered three different types of electronic collars which included an Anti bark collar, Electronic boundary fences, and remote-controlled collars.

Anti-bark collars are activated when a dog barks while the boundary fences automatically shock a dog when they cross a boundary. Lastly, the remote-controlled collars enable trainers and owners to shock the dog using a remote control.

No Scientific Evidence That Shows a Good Reason These Shock Treatments Are Effective

In the conclusion, the paper cites that there is no credible scientific evidence to justify the use of e-collar and spray collars, or any electronic fences for dogs. There are, however, plenty of reasons to not use these devices.

Better Dog Training Options

After all, there are better training options that exist. These other options have proven efficacy and come with lower risk to the dog.

The paper recommends a band on selling, using, and promoting electronic collars across Europe.

One piece of scientific evidence that proves why electronic collars should be banned is the risk that it poses to animal welfare.

Additionally, it was found that people who use these shock collars also end up paying more on a dog trainer and/or behaviorist because the collar affects their relationship with the dog.

There are also many cases where the use of a shock collar results in fear, aggression, and helplessness on the dog’s part. It also increases stress for the dogs.

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