Have a dog that requires a lot of grooming? If so, it makes a lot of sense to get a dog grooming table for your home. It will help keep your house cleaner by confining the fur to one specific location. Dog grooming tables are safer for dogs. Since they generally have a way to keep your dog still, not only is it safer for them but it’s easier for you to get the job done! Using a dog grooming table is also more comfortable for the dogs and for you.

Dog grooming tables can be on the pricey side so you definitely want to do your research. Below we share some of the best dog grooming tables available on the internet so you can save time on research!

Key Features:

  • Size – will it fit your studio or space?
  • Portability – can you easily bring and transfer this table anywhere?
  • Price point – is it affordable?
  • Quality – is it made from high quality materials?
  • Features – does it have features you need to help make grooming an easier task?

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm

The Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table is definitely a great investment for both pros and in-home groomers. It is made from high-quality materials with a waterproof layer and aluminum alloy edging. The table is designed with a pebbled, non-slip surface for an easier grooming session.

This awesome table also features a grooming arm and a leash loop with clamps. It’s durable, convenient, static free and easy to maintain.

Key Features: 

  • Size: 30″L x 18″ W x 32″ H Color : Black
  • The table features strong goal post style legs with rubber capped feet, includes adjustable grooming arm, adjusts to 40″ high
  • Goalpost style legs allow for easy fold-up during transport and for added stability, static-free surface
  • Rust-proof materials

What Others Are Saying About Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table

This table is completely perfect for what I need it for. I have two dogs under 25lbs and decided a year ago that I would groom them myself after many bad professional groomer experiences. My dogs are squirmers and constantly want to lay down while I try to shave them or trim their legs,feet,and belly but I manage to get it done (3 hours per dog later). I bought a no sit haunch holder in addition to this table and while I haven’t used it yet, I’m sure it’ll be 100% better than what I’ve had to endure in the past. The table has a non slip surface and folds easily for storage. I’m very impressed with it given the price and highly recommend it to any home groomer.

The hardest part of grooming my own dog was sitting on the floor for 2-3 hours and keeping my dog still and standing. I love saving the $50 grooming bill, but was in agony afterwards and wasn’t totally satisfied with my own work. This table is fantastic! It folds up and stores as easy as an ironing board. I was able to complete a full grooming job on my dog without killing my neck, back and knees. And just like professional groomers, after the clipping I bathed, dried the dog and went back to the grooming table for touch ups on the dog. I’m 5-8” tall and the height of the table is good. My dog stood still with the harness just like at the groomers. No more dropping my dog off at the groomers and waiting roughly 5 hours for the “your dog is ready for pickup” call on my time. If you’re on the fence about this table, you should buy it. I don’t think you’ll regret the purchase. After 4 at home groomings, this table, clippers and no sit harness has more than paid for itself.

With three dogs, who can afford monthly visits to the groomer? This is a replacement for my old table that finally went to it’s reward after about 15 years of monthly service. This new table is well made and sturdy. The dogs are comfortable on the table and it’s easier to open than my old table. My only observation is that it could have been a few inches higher so I wouldn’t have to bend as much when grooming the dogs. I’m 5’3 and have to bend a lot with this table. There is no way to adjust the height. I knew that when I placed the order, but thought the height would work for me, so my bad. Three inches does make a difference.

BestPet Dog Grooming Table Adjustable Heavy Duty Pet Cat Grooming Table with Arm/Noose

The BestPet Dog Grooming Table Adjustable is a premium-quality grooming table for both cats and dogs. It is made from high-quality, durable materials that are definitely worth the price. 

The table comes with universal clamp and nylon noose to make grooming sessions easier. It’s also easy to set up as it folds down easily. This feature also makes this table portable.

Key Features: 

  • Our grooming table adjusts for your various needs. This H-frame with two nooses to keep pets safe, secure and in place, while you bathe, dry, brush, clip and trim. It allows stand-up grooming. Collapsible grooming stand table for mobile use, easy storage, and space-saving when it is out of use, ideal for mobile groomers.
  • Easy installation with no tools required.
  • Metal parts are made of high-quality material. The table surface is made with waterproof material and a non-slip texture that keeps your pet standing stable.
  • The corners of the table are rounded to prevent your pet from being unnecessarily hurt if there is any struggle. In addition, the non-slip rubber on the feet increases the stability and durability of the table.
  • Our grooming table is scratch resistant and static-free board so hair and debris does not stick and can be easily cleaned.

What Others Are Saying About BestPet Dog Grooming Table Adjustable

There weren’t any reviews for this when I bought it so I was a bit worried, but this thing works great! It’s very sturdy and folds up easy enough. It’s a little short, but I am short too so it wasn’t a problem. If you’re taller it might not reach high enough for you. I do wish it came with an extra harness though–I will have to buy one separately. It worked fine for my ‘big’ (16 lb) pomeranian.

This 32″ Heavy Duty Adjustable Pet Grooming Table is the ideal size and height for grooming my two(2) canine Family members, A Shih-Poo and Shih-Tzu. I am on a mobility scooter and this table is the perfect height for me to tend to them. The noose is especially helpful with the younger and smaller Shih-Tzu because he is somewhat Hyper, and it keeps him a little steadier and in place. The older female Shih-Poo loves it due to the fact that the table isn’t as high as the counter I was using, and for me, I don’t have to reach any more. The rubber top is really great for keeping their footing and them not sliding around at all. It also cleans of hair and dirt with just a swipe of a brush. The table also folds up in seconds and takes up very little space when stored. The adjustable neck is easy to set different heights quickly. This is The Perfect Table for the home Groomer as well as The Professional Groomer!!

This table worked really well to groom my toy poodle; it was just the right height to take the edge off of bending over all the time. It was easy to set up and appreciate the fact the legs fold in for easy storage. The top bar is adjustable to accommodate various heights of the dogs, and found this to be useful when my little one wanted to stand, and then lie down as I worked on her face. The table is about #35 pounds and stable, I never once felt it was unsafe for the grooming. I’d recommend for anyone just getting into grooming and is great for smaller breed dogs or cats, would not recommend for any dog over about #25 pounds for they usually a little larger and longer.

Polar Aurora Pingkay Black 30″/36″/48″ Heavy Duty Pet Professional Dog Show Foldable Grooming Table w/Adjustable Arm & Noose & Mesh Tray

The Polar Aurora Pingkay Black is definitely a must-have for pros and in-home groomers! It comes with almost everything you need for a great grooming session. It features heavy-duty stainless steel folding legs that have anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. 

The table comes with an adjustable arm and noose. It also comes with a mesh tray underneath so you can store your tools. It folds up easily for portability.

Key Features:

  • Featured design support brackets to hold the heaviest dogs without a problem due to the design support brackets and heavy-duty folding leg
  • Steel reinforced rubber caps make the table ultra-stable
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel folding legs, will not rust or corrode like chrome
  • Folds for easy storage and can easily be carried for mobile groomers

What Others Are Saying About Polar Aurora Pingkay Black

“Can’t go wrong with this table. It is big enough for my two Standard Poodles and very sturdy. The basket\rack underneath the table comes in very handy. The top of the table is nonslip and is easy to clean. For the price of this table you surely can’t go wrong. Two days after receiving the table I got a phone call from Loong Star Inc to see if I had received the table and to make sure everything about the table was as described. That is some pretty good customer service, Thanks Loong Star Inc. I would definitely buy from Loong Star Inc again, and will recommend them to whomever needs a good grooming table and good customer service.”

This is one of the best things I have purchased. I usually groom my dog on a small table (without a arm) but finally decided to cave and buy an actual table – I bought the small table (I have a Pomeranian) and this is the perfect height, folds up easy (even came assembled), the arm moves up/down in two different spots and it’s very sturdy! Very happy with this purchase, and I am looking forward to grooming at home – this will make life easier. Pleas excuse the clutter in the photo – wanted to show the height!

Awesome! Shipping was extremely fast! We have a small 16 lb cockapoo that needs regular grooming and she fits on the medium size table with a lot of room to spare. I would still go for medium as I don’t mind the extra space. All materials feel extremely durable and well made. It is an amazing bargain for the price. Tip for any dog owners out there who have an anxious dog: desensitize your dog to the grooming table/neck leash loop a few times prior to grooming to ensure they are comfortable. Would highly recommend!

Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

The Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table is one of the best grooming tables there is! It offers you great control and saves efforts by rotating as you work. It is very easy to clean, too. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and you’re done!

The table comes with an adjustable grooming arm and rubberized feet for stability. It’s the perfect grooming table for small pets.

Key Features:

  • An easy-clean, non-slip, 18″ diameter tabletop
  • A ¾” square-tube grooming arm extending from 16¼” to 23½”
  • A coordinating-color grooming loop
  • Rubber feet that keep the table in place
  • Blue, purple, or black hammertone powder-coated metal coordinates with other equipment in the line
  • Can be used on any flat surface

What Others Are Saying About Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table

I am a beginner trying to do my own grooming at home. This table is a lifesaver! My little guy does not like to be groomed and won’t sit still! It stresses him out so much! I ordered this table and it went so much smoother. He was much calmer and I was able to take my time, causing less stress on both of us. It rotates so you aren’t breaking your back trying to get at all of the angles. It is small and portable so it doesn’t take up a lot of room and is easy to store away. I highly recommend it!

Far exceeded my expectations! Great quality, solidly made and easy to assemble. I brush out my Havanese daily, so this table makes things so much easier. He’s a bit big for it, but still works fine. I got the table while visiting my Mom who has a Coton. He hates to be brushed, but when he saw my boy getting attention he willing let me put him on and get a test brush. It’s been three days, and the both get excited when the table comes out. I’ve even been able to come out the Coton’s gavmve – something he never let us do. Love this table!

I bought this with additional harnesses to hold up the tush and this product has made my life SO much easier. I have a maltipoo with very curly hair and she fits perfectly on this. The ability to turn the table is a god-send. I used to move to get to another part of her body and she’d turn with me. It was quite a circus before the grooming table came. I pop it on my kitchen island and it’s a perfect height for me. I also use it to trim off cling-ons, clean her ears, brush her very sensitive tail and work out mats in between shave downs. It’s also very sturdy – not flimsy at all. I highly recommend.

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