You love your pet of course. And you want them to be happy. What could any pet owner want more than a happy and healthy pet?!

Now maybe you think you already have a good idea of what makes your pet happy. Maybe you’re not sure. Either way, we could all benefit from some advice to make our pets even better. 

And that’s just what we’ve got for you in this article. Recently we came across a post on Reddit where someone asked the question, specifically to veterinarians, what can we do to make our pets’ lives better?

There’s a lot of good advice in the post. And below we’ve got 4 of the top tips from vets who responded on things you can do to make your pets lives better.

Here are the 4 pieces of vet advice we have to share with you today…

Don’t Just Buy Them Toys, Play With Them

Just like children, many pets love playing with toys. We are not just talking about dogs. But also cats, bunnies, birds, reptiles and many more. 

But just like kids, they need to feel your love by interacting with you. So it’s important to play and interact with them frequently. Especially when they are young. You want to make a connection and bond. That stronger relationship with make both your and your pet’s life better.

Plus this tip will save you a nice amount of money on toys!

Get In Touch With Them… Literary

As we just mentioned, interacting regularly with your pet brings them closer to you. When your pet is still at a young age, you should handle them a lot. Touch their feet, toes, and ears. That will make them a whole lot more comfortable with you and even with your vet. 

And of course, as one of the vets said in the forum, it is also best to train their restraint so that they can be harmless to humans.

Avoid Putting Them In Small Kennels And Hutches

For people who own smaller pets such as Guinea pigs and bunnies, it is advised to stop putting them in small hutches and neglect them there. 

Pets love to explore and play but with tiny spaces like that, they just can’t do that. Instead, what you should do is buy them a larger hutch or cage. And/or just simply let them out to wander around a bit. Just make sure you will be able to guard them and keep them safe. 

Treat Them As If They Are A Part Of Your Life

Pets are considered family and even an extension of the owner themselves. So give them the best that you can provide them. Show them love. Provide protection and security. Feed them healthy foods. Let them exercise with you. Take care of their dental health (as this too is a serious matter when it comes to pets). Basically just make sure they live a healthy and healthy life. This is not just beneficial to them, but to you as well.

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