Being a new bunny owner and lover, you may be looking for ideas to keep your bunny happy. And that leads many rabbit owners to ask “what kind of toys to rabbits like?”

Like with other pets (such as cats and dogs) bunnies also love to play with us and their toys. And just like children, bunnies also have preferences when it comes to toys. So we recommend that you give them different types of toys to play with. And add some new ones into the mix every now and then.

What Kind of Toys Do Rabbits Like?

As with kids (and dogs and cats), different bunnies have different preferences when it comes to toys. For example, some bunnies prefer flip and toss toys while some prefer to roll things. 

The good news is that you do not have to worry about buying expensive or unique toys for your bunny. Because bunny parents often find the best toys are already in your home!

Many bunnies love stuff that is made out of softwood or boxes. If you don’t have any wood boxes for your bunny around the house, you can always go to your local pet store and buy wooden chew toys for your bunny. Or you can just give them some paper towel tubes, paper bags, untreated straw, phone books, or wood branches that are pesticide-free for them to chew. 

Bunnies also love exploring around in tunnels or houses. And, more good news, you do not necessarily have to buy them a hutch if you are just looking for a small playground for them. Simple cardboard boxes, tissue boxes, and Quik-tubes can be used for crawling in and out as well as hopping. Adding simple decorations is also optional but make these even more fun. Adding things like hay, dried leaves, and used newspapers will give your bunny even more enrichment and things to explore and play with. 

Like we said earlier, rabbits love flipping and tossing, so what we recommend are metal lids such as those you can find on a jar (just make sure they do not have sharp edges!). They make great sounds that rabbits love.

If you have a pet cat or parrot at home, their toys can also be shared with your bunnies. Balls can also be a good toy for them to nudge or paw. 

Or you don’t always have to give them toys. You can show them love and play with them and they will love you right back! 

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