Cats are oddly adorable. They do weird things that most of us cannot understand.

One of the weird hobbies is sneaking inside small boxes. So why do cats like boxes? We’ll break it down in this article.

You might find that no matter how many toys you give your cat, they will always want a box instead. As it turns out, cats prefer confined spaces more than anything in the world. This is an instinctual behavior.

In the wild, confined spaces allow cats to hide from their predators and stalk their prey at the same time. Cats are very cryptic and elusive animals, they enjoy hiding. 

A small, confined space like a box, gives them both the safety they want and the security from their predators, even when they’re in the comfort of their home. When cats hide in boxes, they feel that no one can sneak up on them. 

Cats feel safer knowing that anything that wants to approach them will come directly into their field of vision. This way, their safe hiding spot allows them to see and watch the world around them without being seen. 

Additionally, cats are very sleepy creatures. They sleep longer than humans and dogs do. Most cats can sleep for up to 20 hours a day. This doesn’t make them lazy, it is just their nature to have a snooze fest at any time of the day. These boxes gives them a warm, cozy and a safe place to sleep.

Cats can sleep better in boxes because, in their minds, they are safe. So the next time you drop by the pet store to buy your cat a nice, expensive toy, you might want to get a box instead!!!

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