Have you ever noticed that your cat sleeps more than you do? Like WAY more than you do?!

I mean, they are asleep most of the day. They are always in a cozy little box or a cozy corner just catching up on their ZZZs.

In fact, cats can sleep up to twenty hours a day. Though they average closer to fifteen hours of sleep a day! How crazy is that?

If only we can get that much sleep, right? The question remains, why do cats sleep so much?

Cats are usually active between dusk and dawn – so that means, when your cats are active, it’s probably the time when you’re asleep. Their body and brains are hardwired to hunt at night.

This comes as no surprise because cats have the physiology of a predator. Bigger cats such as lions have the same sleeping pattern – they sleep throughout the day and hunt at night.

This is also the reason why you hear cats running wild outside during the evening. They lurk in the shadows – even the domesticated ones – and hunt for their prey. These nighttime activities are enough to get your cat tired, so they sleep all day to conserve their energy.

Another amazing thing about cats is that there are times when they will sleep lightly. If they are just dozing, you’ll notice that their body is positioned so they can immediately get into action should there be any danger while they are sleeping.

Cats can also fall into a deep sleep which only lasts for around five minutes, and then they are back to dozing. It is a continuous pattern throughout their sleep until it is time for them to wake up.  

Similar to us humans, our feline friends are also affected by the weather. More specifically, their sleep pattern is affected by the rainy weather. During rainy seasons, cats sleep more than usual.

And who can blame them, right? A nice warm bed on a cold rainy day sounds like heaven!

Don’t take their sleeping habits for granted, though, cats may appear lazy for sleeping all day long, but they are just saving their energy for when they need it most.

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