Dog owners love their dogs so much that they always think of the safety and wellbeing of their dogs. They always make sure that they provide for the daily needs of their dogs. Necessities such as food, water, shelter, and need. They would even put their own lives in line just to save the lives of their precious dogs. 

They would even enter a burning house to get their dogs out of there, or even jump in the seas to get their dogs. That is precisely what one dog mom did. By the time she realized that her dog was drowning, she did not just stand there and wait for help. She jumped in the roaring ocean without hesitation.

Despite the waters being extremely cold, she went on it for her to save her dog. The waves were so high that they knocked her down a few times. But those roaring waves did not halt her for she was determined to save her drowning pooch.

The dog’s mom thought that she would not reach her dog. Luckily, the dog was able to swim close enough for her owner to grab her. The drowning dog’s owner managed to grab her dog. She then pulled her dog towards the shore. While the two are on their way back to the shore, one man saw them. He took the dog and put it on his back as he gets to the shore. Her owner, while waiting, stood on her feet firmly. 

There was video footage of the whole event. When viewers saw the video, they were worried as they do not know how things would turn out. Luckily, the duo was saved by that one man. Good thing everything turned out safe and sound. The woman truly is a dog lover, as she did that just to save her dog. 

Photo Credit to Youtube | New York Post

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