Squid is delicious food that many people enjoy. Unless you are a vegan or allergic to seafood, of course!

There are many delicacies you can cook with squid. You can fry it to make calamari, or add it into dishes like pasta and paella. But can you mix it with dog food? 

That leads to a popular question that many dog lovers have which is “Can Dogs Eat Squid?” In this article, you’ll learn whether it’s safe to feed your dogs squid or not. You’ll also learn about the health benefits of this type of food as well as any harmful effects it can have on our dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Squid?

The short answer is yes; dogs can eat squid. Squid is generally a safe food for dogs to eat. 

Even though many foods are not suitable for dogs, such as grapes, bones, and chocolate, squid is not one of them. 

Squid is good food for our furry pups. It contains a number of benefits for dogs. 

What Are The Health Benefits of Squid?

Much like chicken and fish, squid is a lean source of protein. This means that it does not contain too many unhealthy fats.

Squid is rich in certain minerals and vitamins. It is rich in: 

  • Vitamin B12, which promotes good cognitive function
  • Vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and bones 
  • Vitamin E, which prevents muscle and eye degeneration 
  • Protein, which builds muscles and repairs tissues
  • Zinc, which promotes healthy joints and regulates metabolism
  • Phosphorus, which builds healthy bones 
  • Magnesium, which regulates metabolism and neurotransmission
  • Iron, which helps form hemoglobin in red blood cells
  • Copper, which helps to form bones, collagen, and connective tissues, as well as the absorption of iron and calcium

However, there are some cautions to take when it comes to squid and dogs. Even though squid is an excellent food for dogs, squid is not always a good choice for them. 

When Squid Is Bad For Dogs

It is true that squid itself is good food for dogs, but the way it is prepared is important in determining whether or not it is safe to give to our pups. 

Calamari is the Italian name for squid. Because of the way calamari are cooked, which is fried most of the time, calamari are high in saturated fat, which can lead to a lot of health problems in dogs like obesity. 

And fats are not the only concern when it comes to calamari. If you put a large amount of salt in calamari, then that is dangerous. 

Salt is always bad for dogs. At the very least, salt can cause kidney problems for your dogs. Worse, it can cause salt poisoning.

To add to that, some people tend to put a lot of seasonings on their calamari. We have mentioned before that seasonings can be harmful and unhealthy, if not toxic, to your dog.

For example, you may put garlic powder or onion powder in your calamari, and while it may be tasty to you, it’s harmful to your furry friend.

Bottom line is squid can be a nutritious food for dogs to eat, you just have to be careful about what is added to the squid.

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