Scallops are similar to steak because of their thick and chewy texture. This seafood makes for a nutritious and easy meal, as they are high in protein and often seared in a nonstick or cast iron pan. 

Most of us enjoy scallops because of their taste. They’re also very easy to cook, and they’re very versatile. 

So a question a lot of us dog lovers may wonder is, “Can Dogs Eat Scallop?” In this article, we will answer your question on whether or not scallops are safe for dogs to eat. We also include information on the potential health benefits of scallops as well as when they may be harmful to dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Scallops?

The short answer is yes; dogs can eat scallops. Scallops are a safe (though potentially expensive!) snack for dogs. 

Even though many foods are not suitable for dogs, such as grapes, bones, and chocolate, the scallop is not one of them. 

Scallops can actually be quite a good food for our furry pups (with the right preparation). This is mainly because they contain a number of benefits for dogs. 

Why Are Scallops Good For Dogs?

Much like chicken and fish, the scallop is a lean source of protein. This also means that they do not contain too many unhealthy fats.

Scallops are rich in certain minerals and vitamins, particularly protein, zinc, phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, and Omega 3. 

Here is a list of how the minerals and vitamins in scallops are good for your dog’s health:

  • Protein is an essential nutrient that contributes to muscle development and tissue repair
  • Zinc promotes healthy joints and regulates a dog’s metabolism 
  • Phosphorus builds healthy bones
  • Magnesium regulates metabolism and neurotransmission. 
  • Vitamin B12 promotes good cognitive function. 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids aid in kidney function, prevention of heart disease, decreasing inflammation, and improving coat appearance

However, scallops are not always healthy and suitable for dogs. How scallops are prepared and cooked can make a big difference in whether they are helpful or harmful to your pup. 

Precautions for Serving Scallops to Dogs

Scallop with too many seasonings, such as salt, can be harmful to our furry friends. So, it is best to serve scallops plain and cooked before feeding them to dogs. 

And never feed them raw scallop meat. Raw scallop meat can carry intestinal parasites like tapeworms. 

Additionally, fried scallops are not suitable for dogs. Much like other fried foods, fried scallops are high in unhealthy fats. 

Scallops are healthy food for dogs given that they are prepared and cooked properly. 

Aside from scallops, dogs can also eat a variety of seafood as a source of protein, such as crabs, shrimp, tuna, and salmon. As long as they are in moderation and prepared the proper way, of course.

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